Endicott Farms

Endicott Farms

Strawberry season comes first, typically in April or May, with blueberries arriving next in June and blackberries following. Blackberry season is usually over by July. But if you time it right, you can visit local farms growing these berries, gathering plenty to make muffins, cobblers and pies.

Or do what a lot of people do and pick extra to freeze in quart- or gallon-size bags. You’ll be happy to have them when the season is long gone.

Oklahoma berry pickers are an industrious, hard-working group. For most of them, berry farming is a hobby. The season is too short to make it a day job. But it’s also rewarding enough to keep growing year after year, happy to see returning customers and the littlest berry pickers getting taller each summer. 

Growing berries successfully in Oklahoma soil takes a lot of work and a little luck. A bad late freeze or storm can ruin the berry season. But when the stars align and the temperature is warm enough to ripen those berries but not too hot to end it short, the season is perfect. That’s what berry farmers hope for each year. We’re crossing our fingers for them — and for us.

Here are some farms to check out this season. Be sure to check online for hours and any COVID-19 protocols that might be in place.

Endicott Farms

Blueberries and blackberries

13310 Adams Road, Liberty-Mounds

endicottfarms.com | 918-344-4582


Joe’s Farm


12811 S. Sheridan Road, Bixby

joesfarmok.com | 918-740-1171


Maple Creek Berry Farm


33423 Pleasant Valley Road, Poteau

oklahomablueberries.com | 918-658-9139


Outback Farm


4163 E. 470 Road, Pryor

outbackfarm.org | 918-519-2148 


Owasso Christmas Tree and Berry Farm

Blueberries and blackberries

10939 N. 129th East Ave., Owasso

owassotreefarm.com | 918-272-9445


Thunderbird Berry Farm

Blueberries and blackberries

7515 S. Hansen Road (321st East Ave.), Broken Arrow

thunderbirdberry.com | 918-398-33

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