Cain's kitchen

Barbecue Frito Pie

The restaurant in Cain’s Ballroom has gone through several stages. It’s been a place to grab snacks during a show, a spot for late-night drinks, and a favorite for the downtown lunch crowd to stop by for brisket sandwiches and potato salad.

The latest iteration is one that has Tulsans excited. Adam Green, owner of the beloved Mac’s BBQ in Skiatook, and Hunter Gambill of OK Distilling Co. have teamed for a casual space serving good eats and drinks in a place they both love.

“I’ve always been a huge fan of Cain’s,” Green says. “It’s such a cool, historic place, and we just want to jam out some cool food at shows.”

Green and Gambill talked to Chad Rodgers of Cain’s Ballroom about creating a space with more quick-serve options to get people food quickly during shows. But they also both wanted to add their elements of fun and great food. Think of it as a locally driven, highly elevated concession. Green hopes to open in October.

As much as people love Mac’s BBQ, this isn’t going to be a second location for Mac’s. Green wants people to continue to make the drive to his destination restaurant. However, there will be elements of Mac’s at the Cain’s restaurant, such as the barbecue Frito pie and the Okie, a hillbilly Philly cheesesteak sandwich.

Green and Gambill want the restaurant to feel collaborative and like a hat tip to some of their favorite Tulsa restaurants and cooks. Pairings might include inspiration from Chris West of Lassalle’s and barbecue from the Butcher BBQ Stand.

“We’ll have a core menu, but want to do some fun stuff with our friends,” Green says.

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