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It’s no secret that we at The Tulsa Voice love local music—like, a lot. Whether crate-digging at Starship or front-and-center at The Vanguard, supporting music in our city is important to all of us here. With this in mind, we’re thrilled to announce a holy union between TTV and local music mini-documentary YouTube channel, People To Wave To.

The video series was created by Kyra Bruce, our new digital editor, in February of 2018 as she was getting more involved in the Tulsa music scene. Inspired by the boundary-pushing music coming out of the city, she wanted to make Tulsa’s underground scene more accessible to those outside the inner circle. 

The project delivers "docu-concerts" of Tulsa artists, mixing live performances and interviews to help viewers get to know the people behind local musical acts—at least enough to offer a friendly wave next time you see them on the street. These interviews often revolve around the artist but also include discussions on the Tulsa music scene at large: What makes it so special? What problems does it have, and how we can fix them together?

People To Wave To has already featured local acts like The Lukewarm, Charlotte Bumgarner, Zunis, Ramona and the Phantoms, The End Timers, and Tom Boil. You can find those on YouTube, along with a long-form documentary about the extreme music community in Tulsa, a few full live performances and much more to come.

We’re thrilled about this partnership, and we can’t wait to bring you brand-new interviews and performances. Keep checking our website and social media channels for updates on new videos. You might just meet your new favorite artist. 

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