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Tulsa Talks: A TulsaPeople Podcast

2.1: The Pivot — Meg Myers Morgan

January 02, 2019

Langdon Publishing

Season 2 is all about reinvention, and you could say that today’s guest, Meg Myers Morgan, wrote the book on how to do it — through negotiation and self-reflection. 

Then, City Editor Morgan Phillips takes fitness resolutions to new heights on today’s edition of What the What?!

So let’s talk, Tulsa.

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That’s the voice of Meg Myers Morgan, assistant professor at OU-Tulsa and coordinator of the school’s Master of Public Administration program, talking about her new book, "Everything is Negotiable: The Five Tactics to Get What You Want in Life, Love and Work."

A New Year brings with it promises of new beginnings. Of a new you. And while we all want 2019 to be the year when we become richer, prettier, skinnier, more organized versions of ourselves, statistically very few of us will stick with our goals. If we even turned our amorphous wishes into concrete goals in the first place. And maybe that’s because we’re all so focused on the end goal, how wonderful our lives will be once we achieve this one thing, that we lose sight of the process it takes to get there. But that’s what I love about Meg’s new book, "Everything is Negotiable," which might be the one book you need to negotiate your way to a better life. The book represents a reinvention or Meg’s writing career, as she shifted from the humorous, slice-of-life essays in her first book "Harebrained," to the more prescriptive approach of her follow-up.

The five tactics in Meg’s book are: choosing, wanting, owning, giving and getting. I sat down with her in the studio to figure out how to use these tactics to make — and keep — New Year’s resolutions.

You can purchase "Everything is Negotiable" at Magic City Books, and be sure to follow Meg at, and across social media using the handle @megmyersmorgan. 

May 2019 bring you many happy pivots, Tulsa.

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Today's episode is brought to you by, presenting the 2019 TulsaPeople Readership Survey.

Meg Myers Morgan's second book released on Dec. 4: "Everything is Negotiable: The 5 Tactics to Get What You Want in Life, Love and Work." The book offer tactics to help women negotiate for more in work and life. 

She Gave a TEDxOU talk on this topic in 2016:

Her first book, "Harebrained: It Seemed Like a Good Idea at the Time," published in 2015. It is a collection of essays about motherhood, marriage, education and life's ups and downs. "Harebrained" was awarded a gold medal in humor from the Independent Publishers Book Awards (IPPY) and was named a Foreword Reviews "Book of the Year.

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