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Tulsa Talks: A TulsaPeople Podcast

2.7: Walk in Love — Majeste Pearson

April 03, 2019

Langdon Publishing

This episode of Tulsa Talks is brought to you by the Tulsa Regional Chamber.

Today, Majeste Pearson is in the studio to talk about the many ups and downs of a career in music — even at the tender age of 22.

Then, city editor Morgan Phillips discovers the next best thing to owning a time machine in a positively medieval edition of What the What?!

So let’s talk, Tulsa.

That’s musician Majeste Pearson, or Majeste Amour, as she’s known on social media. The singing sensation appeared on TV screens nationally last summer as a competitor on the Fox reality series "The Four: Battle for Stardom." During Season two of the show, singers challenging each other for a recording deal and the right to be mentored by celebrity panelists Sean "Diddy" Combs, Meghan Trainor and DJ Khaled. And though she was eliminated before the finale, the powerhouse of a performer gained national attention.

Here in Tulsa, though, we also know Majeste as the daughter of Bishop Carlton Pearson, the prominent evangelist turned inclusive spiritual leader. Later, I talk with Majeste about what it’s like to have a Netflix film made about your family. But first, Majeste shares the unexpected lessons she learned during her stint on reality TV.

Majeste Pearson grew up in the church, which was an early experience that forever connected her with music. Her father Carlton Pearson was the influential leader of the 5,000-member Higher Dimensions church, an evangelist whose spiritual mentor was Oral Roberts himself. But in 2006, Pearson has a theological transformation. He was deemed a heretic for his new belief in universal salvation and he lost his church. It’s dramatic stuff, but for Majeste’s family, that’s just life.

Majeste’s next musical performance is actually this weekend —  here she is, discussing Tulsa Sings!, during which she and three other finalists will sing with the Signature Symphony. It’s basically The Four: Tulsa Edition.

When we come back, Majeste talks about what’s next. But now, Morgan Phillips takes up arms and swears her fealty for the Barony of Northkeep.

More about the Society for Creative Anachronism and the Barony of Northkeep.

After her experience in the national spotlight, Majeste Pearson has her musical goals set on new priorities and horizons. Let’s finish that conversation.

You can follow Majeste on Instagram, @majesteamour, or by visiting Majeste will join the other Tulsa Sings! Finalists Samuel Briggs, Dennis Crookedacre and Molly Crookedacre in concerts on Friday, April 5 and Saturday, April 6, at the VanTrease PACE. Visit for more information.

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Every episode, we play you out with some local music. And we’re double Majestic, because this is Majeste Pearson’s single, "Passion."


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