Rosemary Daugherty is a fine art painter who has taught art classes to students of all ages for years. Two years ago, she launched a paint-by-number series, which now includes a holiday Tulsa skyline kit for this gift-giving season.

When Rosemary Daugherty leads a painting class, she is always striving to make art more accessible and less intimidating to her students.

For years she had wanted to create a paint-by-number series, and come fall 2020 she knew it was time to launch her first kit: a depiction of Catoosa’s Blue Whale. 

Daugherty, who defines her art as a whimsical mix of influences, has taught art to students of all ages for years. She has always been keen on Americana and knew the landmark would make a good launching point. “I knew that would make people at home smile,” she says. 

She says the Route 66 community has welcomed her, especially as a participating artist at this summer’s Route 66 Road Fest.

Since the first launch, Daugherty has refined her paint-by-number hand drawn line art. Her kits come with everything someone needs: a stretched canvas with the paint-by-number pattern on a wooden frame, numbered paint pods, brushes, instructions and a QR code for instructional videos.

Daugherty’s kits have featured Cain’s Ballroom, the Golden Driller, Metro Diner, Route 66’s Oasis Motel and, most recently, Bell’s Phantasmagoria ride. This season she debuts a snowy Tulsa skyline just in time for the holidays, followed up by a map of Oklahoma’s Route 66.

“These are being useful in people’s lives (in ways) I didn’t anticipate,” she says, mentioning a nurse who bought a kit at the height of the pandemic. “She said it was the only thing to get her to not think about COVID.”

Kits vary in canvas size and range in price from $19.95-$39.95. Select local retailers carry the kits, which also can be purchased online at for nationwide shipping.

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