Tracy Lorton Salisbury

Tracy Lorton Salisbury

TA Lorton has been a destination for stylish home goods, furniture and interior design services since 1988 when owner Tracy Lorton Salisbury opened her first store in Utica Square. In the 1990s, TA Lorton moved to its longtime location on Cherry Street — and the store became a mainstay for more than 25 years.

For Salisbury, who defines her style as comfortable, layered, textured and handmade, the decision to move to the new location in August 2020 was bittersweet. The former space was owned by her longtime friend and mentor, the late interior designer Charles Faudree. But the new location, near East Sixth Street and South Lewis Avenue, was an opportunity to offer more for customers and her interior design clients. 

“The location is always important. It has to be convenient — I don’t want to disappoint them. We’ve got to give them something good,”

Salisbury says. It all timed out right, says the designer who has been in business for 33 years yet never owned her own building.

Her husband, Hal Salisbury, first showed her the new space in the former 1920s-era Savage Building that had been vacant on and off for years. Over time it had been everything from a motorcycle shop to an ice cream shop to offices, a church and an art gallery, among other endeavors. They converted and renovated the 10,000-square-foot space into her store with an ample stock room and space for friend Katie

Tuttle’s organizing shop, the Clear Home. 

“I always have a tendency to overbuy,” Salisbury

says, laughing. “I can’t resist gorgeous finds, which leads to a full store. I keep seeing beautiful things that I have to offer. I’ve also been doing more design work and selling more furniture.”

Now the store can display furniture and fully designed spaces — such as a full kitchen area — for customers and clients to better visualize a concept.

“I’m very visual and love to set things up,” she says. “I always say, ‘Let me just show you.’ The more sofas people see, the more they know I can give them what they want.”

TA Lorton continues to offer many of the hand-crafted lines and items unique to Tulsa from the former location, plus so much more.

“It’s been fun. People are really passionate about that building (the Savage),” Salisbury says. “A lot of people come in to see what we’ve done with it. I like change. It doesn’t scare me. It’s been great to change the store and give it a new perspective.”

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