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Jeff and Caleb Voth documented their annual mountain trek in “The Trip.”


Each year Jeff Voth takes a group of men on a Rocky Mountain backpacking adventure toward self-discovery. "I lead the group for fun and the love of the mountains," he says. It was that love that drew him back to the Rockies after getting lost at age 12 and swearing he’d never return.

Jeff and his son Caleb documented their five-day trek in July 2016 for their debut film, "The Trip: Mountains and Manhood," which tells Jeff’s story and explores the trip’s impact on those who take it.

"My dad started a tradition of taking my brothers and I into the mountains when we each turned 5 years old," says Caleb, now 25. "To sleep on the ground, trudge through weather and elements, carry your own weight, make your own food — there’s really no better way for a young boy to find out what he’s made of."

According to Caleb, the goal of the film is simple: "We wanted to show men and women across the country that they can be a part of something bigger than themselves."

Both Voths have full-time jobs outside of filmmaking, but they are passionate about making time to pursue their interests and say they hope this film inspires others to do the same.

"The Trip" is already making waves. In April, the documentary won "Best Indie Spirit Documentary" and "Best Movie Poster" at the Twister Alley Film Festival in Woodward. The team hopes to bring it to Tulsa for a screening this summer. For more information and a list of showings, visit


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