Bruce G Weber jewelry

Emily Armenta silver and 10-karat gold old world wide ring, $990.

Dana Rebecca 14-karat yellow gold diamond V necklace, $495.

Penny Preville 18-karat gold moon and stars necklace, $2,475.

Countless holidays and special occasions have been marked with the opening of a little red box: the signature packaging of longtime Tulsa jewelry store Bruce G. Weber Diamond Cellar, which recently moved to a new location, 1523 E. 15th St.

After several years as part of Miss Jackson’s precious jewels salon, the late Tulsa jeweler Bruce G. Weber opened the doors to his first standalone store in 2001 at the corner of East 21st Street and South Utica Avenue.

Now under the ownership of Diamond Cellar Holdings, the store begins a new chapter in another iconic Tulsa shopping and dining destination: Cherry Street.

“We are thrilled to showcase our new space to Tulsa,” says Michelle Holdgrafer, Bruce G. Weber store director. “It’s larger and more flexible, allowing us to serve our customers in an even better and more beautiful way.”

No doubt a legacy that would make Weber proud. 

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