Jay Exon painting

“Liminality” (acrylic on canvas) by Jay Exon hangs inside the private residential building 2300 Riverside.

Decking the walls can be challenging. Jay Exon, a Tulsa-based artist represented by Joseph Gierek Fine Art, not only has tips for purchasing art, but also says there aren’t set rules on how to display pieces in your home.

1. Do your homework.

Exon describes shopping for art as an adventure. And part of that adventure is research. “There are so many ways to educate yourself about art, especially in Tulsa,” Exon says. “We have a wonderful art community. Absorb yourself and see as much as you can.”

Exon recommends visiting galleries and talking with gallery owners. However, if that sounds intimidating, start your journey by attending an art crawl.

2. Make the purchase.

Finding the right piece isn’t something to rush into because the experience is unique and personal for everyone.

“The right piece for you should be like a romance,” Exon says. “When it resonates with your heart then you can’t go wrong.”

There is original art available for every budget, and Exon emphasizes to take your time and don’t settle. Art is an investment, not an accessory.

“Buy a piece of art you will want to look at every day,” he says.

3. Get to hanging.

“Place it in a spot where you will see it every day,” Exon says. “I mean, it’s that simple. Enjoy it every day.”

Although there are no strict mandates for hanging art, Exon says he sees a lot of art that is hung too high for the viewer to really experience. A general rule of thumb is to hang the center of the painting between 57-60 inches from the floor. However, that doesn’t always hold true when placing art above furniture or on a mantel.

“My opinion is it’s all about visual balance,” he says. “If you have one piece of art and you want to center it over a chest, great! If you want to put it off to the side, then you need a balancing element on the other side.”

When in doubt, Exon says to bring in a second set of eyes and get their opinion. 

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Love the artwork!

Appreciate the advice regarding artwork.

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