3 important steps for safe summer fun

As a kid, nothing was more satisfying than being out of school for three months during the summer. Water activities were a top priority for having fun outdoors while staying cool.

For many parents, a public pool or splash pad is a convenient and inexpensive way for their children to have water-related fun. However, these places are often overcrowded, making it easy to lose track of a child in mere seconds.

According to the Red Cross, a few vital steps should be taken to ensure the health and safety of your child this summer:

  • Make sure your child is enrolled in, or has completed, age-appropriate swim lessons. "The No. 1 cause of accidental death in the United States for children ages 1-4 is drowning," says Joe Colvin, executive director of the Northeast Oklahoma Chapter of the American Red Cross. "When you teach your child how to swim, you give them a lifeguard for the rest of their life."
  • Create a set of rules for your child when you go on a family outing to the splash pad or pool. These rules could forbid kids from playing near drains or from holding their breath for too long underwater.
  • Always use caution; never allow children to swim alone.

Want to take your preparation to the next step? The Red Cross has developed some safety apps, available at the App Store:

  • The First Aid App provides instant access to the most common first aid emergencies and explains how to respond.
  • The Swim App provides tips on drowning prevention and a list of emergency response information.
  • Taking the proper precautions this summer is the first step to insuring your children are creating lifelong memories.

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