Mary Hess, owner of B-Sew Inn, and her son, Grayson

Mary Hess, owner of B-Sew Inn, and her son, Grayson

Many businesses participate in Family and Children’s Services’ long-standing annual Care Card fundraiser to support local citizens in need, but for some, the cause is much more personal.

Mary Hess, owner of B-Sew Inn, and her husband, James, took custody of then 9-year-old Grayson, who they adopted in 2015 at the age of 14.

To help their son explore therapeutic ways to cope with his time spent in Child Protective Services, the couple enrolled Grayson in art therapy classes that allowed him to express his emotions in a creative way.

Hess says her business’s Care Card participation is a way for her to help kids like Grayson since F&CS has developed a similar art program for children and adults. “For some children, a box of crayons can change their life,” she says.

When consumers purchase a $60 Care Card, they can use the card to save 20% at more than 200 premier Tulsa-area local merchants and restaurants. All proceeds from Care Card sales go to F&CS and support its work to strengthen the well-being and behavioral health of adults, children and families.

First established in 1921, the nonprofit has become the largest outpatient behavioral health center in Oklahoma. Its 60-plus programs include Women in Recovery for incarcerated women and Child Abuse and Trauma Services.

Lindy Legener, owner of the Silver Needle, has participated in the Care Card event for nearly a decade to support those who need mental health services in the Tulsa area. “I think family issues touch every kind of family,” Legener says, “and I think there are a lot of less fortunate families that need help.”

Legener also likes that Care Card encourages Tulsans to shop places they might not have previously visited. “I like being reminded about all the other independent and local businesses in town,” she says. 

Oct. 25-Nov. 3 — Care Card

For more information or to purchase a Care Card online, visit

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