Go Nutts wants every kid to have a healthy lunch

Stacie Nutt is the founder of Go Nutts Lunch Club, which pays for school lunches and weekend food packs for Tulsa students.

In early 2017, fatigued and frustrated from all of the negativity surrounding the 2016 presidential election, Stacie Nutt was seeking purpose.

As she perused an issue of "Reader’s Digest," she noticed a section with advice on simple ways to give back. One tip mentioned going to a local school and paying lunch balances. "When I read that, God slapped me across the face and He was like, ‘Here is what I want you to do,’" Nutt says. "He could have come knocking on my door, it was that powerful."

Nutt visited schools and talked with parents. All elementary students qualify for free lunch in Tulsa Public Schools, but some middle through high school students can go without lunch if they don’t qualify for the federal free and reduced-price lunch program. Additionally, if a middle or high-school student has a negative lunch balance, they might get an alternative lunch or be simply refused, according to Nutt.

And so began the Go Nutts Lunch Club, or simply "The Lunch Club," which has paid for about 3,400 lunches and 100 weekend food packs since its inception in 2018.

Nutt is focusing on micro-giving to fundraise for her organization. She wants to focus on "people in the working community who want to do something but don’t have a lot of money to do it." She will continue accepting donations of any amount and wants to expand into team meals for student athletes before games.

"Food in school should be like any other school supply," Nutt says. "It shouldn’t be another way that we label kids. Food in school is like the great equalizer. It gives every kid that same opportunity."

To support Go Nutts Lunch Club, visit gonenuttscuffs.com.

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