Conner and Winters lawyers donate time, expertise to help children

Attorneys Anne Sublett, Henry Will, Scott Hathaway and Hayley Stephens of Conner and Winters. The firm has a longstanding relationship with Tulsa Lawyers for Children.

"Conner and Winters has always been involved in this kind of activity. Forever. Or at least since I got here, which was 53 years ago," says attorney and partner Henry Will of the Tulsa-based law firm’s commitment to philanthropy.

According to attorney Anne Sublett, members of the firm, which celebrated its 85th anniversary this year, have been providing pro bono legal representation to kids in the juvenile court system for 25 years.

Since then, the firm has volunteered through the nonprofit Tulsa Lawyers for Children, advocating for abandoned, abused or neglected minors in Tulsa County when the Public Defender can’t represent those children due to a conflict of interest with the parents or guardians. It’s challenging, but rewarding work, say those involved.

"I’ve been able to use my legal skills, and all of the things I’ve learned at the firm, to help children and their families. That’s incredibly powerful in terms of giving meaning to my work," Sublett says. "To get to do battle on behalf of children who have oftentimes been abused in the worst possible ways, to be their voice — this is worth my time and effort, and it certainly has added to the richness of my experience as a lawyer."

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