Fall, off the beaten path


Every fall it’s the same. Most Tulsa gardens begin to display hardy pansies and colorful chrysanthemums. Both are great choices, but there are other options, even for brown-thumbed gardeners.

Here are 10 ideas you may want to consider, recommended by Lauren Meyer of Southwood Nursery, and Todd Lassiegne, executive director of the Oklahoma Centennial Botanical Garden. Some are perennials; some are annuals. Many are available for planting now. 

Asters — Perennial, long-lived, bearing richly colored flowers. You may want to plant them in the spring for hardier blooms, but they’re available for the fall. You’ll be rewarded when the weather cools again.

Alyssum — Cool weather lovers, they are great for ground cover or pots.

Dianthus — Most are perennial and will last all winter and through spring.

Fall-flowering bulbs — Colchicum, misnamed but known as "autumn crocus"; some varieties of true crocus and Sternbergia or "autumn daffodil." 

Tiger Eye Rudbeckia — Bright golden-yellow flowers with a black center.

Diascia Flirtation Orange — Delicate sherbet orange flowers cover the plant through light frost.

Nemesia — Bright, bold colors such as Cranberry, kumquat and bluebird easily fill a pot.

Superbells — Lots of flowers that show in mounds or trails. The yellow, red, Dreamsicle and plum colors mix well with pansies.

Stock — Cool-toned, spiked flowers smell sweet and are great for cuttings.

Strawflower — Fall yellows, oranges and golds. Their texture makes them long-lasting.


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