A 1950s view of KFMJ 1050 AM on the northwest corner of East 13th Street (now Baltimore Avenue) and South Boston Avenue. The studio entrance is seen on the side of the building. The Fred Jones Ford service department and sales lot once occupied the area next to this building along Boston, which is now parking for Boston Avenue United Methodist Church. 

In 1946 a well-known auto dealer, Fred Jones, also became a radio station owner when KFMJ 1050 AM signed on the air. The station’s call letters F-M-J were merely Jones’ and his wife Mary’s initials.

Now, Tulsans could choose from one of six stations in town. The studio at 1242 S. Boston Ave. was located across the street from Jones’ dealership, which he opened in 1938, and next door to his service facility, completed in 1948.

Originally, programming mainly consisted of “middle of the road” contemporary, gospel and jazz music, as well as news. Like many AM stations of the time, it was a “daytimer” station, which meant it only broadcast during daylight hours.

The studio was relocated to the transmitter site on West Edison Street in 1957 and had three different owners over the next decade. The format was changed to country and religious programming with the help of Oral Roberts’ three-year ownership.

KFMJ dissolved in the early 1980s and was renamed KGTO 1050. The call letters KFMJ now belong to an AM station in Alaska. 

From ornate building to boring parking garage


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