Tony Galloway and family

Tony Galloway and family

When the pandemic upended Tulsan Tony Galloway’s ability to perform live DJ concerts, he was — for a time — at a loss on what to do next. 

“I’ve been involved in music for about 15 years, though it had really ramped up throughout those past few years,” he says. “Going into 2020, I had no expectation things would turn out like they did. It was definitely a challenge, but also a blessing in many ways.” 

Enter Made to Standout, Galloway’s brand of athletic streetwear designed to promote positive thinking. Sweatshirts bear the phrase “Created. Chosen. Gifted.” and other upbeat messages.

Galloway admits his original goal was to just sell “cool clothes,” but it has evolved into encouraging others.

“Given the era we live in, social media can really ruin someone’s day,” he says. “I hope — if anything — Made to Standout helps remind people they do have purpose. Coming at it from that angle gave me a renewed sense of focus.” 

Since the brand’s launch this past October, Galloway’s wife and children have influenced many of its designs, which are for adults and kids.

“The success has been surprising,” he says. “I figured there was a chance it’d speak to people, but seeing who it’s reached specifically — for example, hearing from parents whose children have autism was incredibly heartwarming. I didn’t expect to see a whole community come together around this like it has.” 

Apparel can be found exclusively at


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