Mythic City

Cole and Allison Cunningham at their retail store, Mythic City, at the Shops at Mother Road Market. Mythic Press makes custom apparel for Mythic City, businesses and other customers at its shop at East Third Street between South Lewis and Utica avenues.

Mythic Press has become a Tulsa staple known for designing and producing apparel that showcases the pride Tulsans have for their city.

Cole and Allison Cunningham, native Oklahomans and owners of Mythic Press, launched their online store seven years ago. On Sept. 18 the popular brand opened its first retail store, Mythic City, at the Shops at Mother Road Market on Route 66. 

Before owning their business, Cole ran a branding agency and began to screen print apparel on the side. The business took off much quicker than expected, and Cole began Mythic Press in 2015. He began designing T-shirts to celebrate the new Tulsa flag design in 2017, and business has been booming since. Allison joined in 2018.

Cole’s background, paired with Allison’s previous experience in museum development and fundraising, led them to create a business model unique to their strengths. The couple felt strongly about giving back to the Tulsa community by giving customers the chance to participate in fundraising.

“We love Tulsa and are firmly invested in this city,” Allison says. “Every item sold includes a donation to a local organization. We’re doing our small part to promote and unite Tulsa.” To date, Mythic Press has raised over $50,000 for local nonprofits. 

Mythic City is open 11 a.m.-6 p.m., Tuesday-Sunday, at 1102 S. Lewis Ave., Suite E. Its online store can be found at

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