Katie den Daas

Katie den Daas is the first woman to hold the position of ABC News London Bureau chief in 40 years.

Born and raised in Jenks, Katie den Daas was destined for journalism. 

She recalls the first time she was enthralled by the news as a little girl. The 1989 World Series earthquake had just occurred in San Francisco, and her mother eventually had to pry her away from the television.

“We probably should have known then I’d end up a journalist,” says den Daas, 36.

After graduating from the University of Oklahoma’s journalism school in 2007, she quickly rose through the ranks of the industry.

She worked for ABC News for six years in New York City before her most recent promotion to London Bureau chief. Den Daas is the first woman to hold the position in nearly 40 years. Together, she and her NYC counterpart lead their 35 journalists and support staff in setting the international news agenda for ABC news. 

“The London Bureau and our colleagues are scattered around the globe,” says den Daas, who lives in London. “We cover anything that happens outside of the United States.”

Den Daas has previously worked as a producer behind the scenes for shows like “Good Morning America,” “World News Tonight” and “The View.” “I work really hard to never be in front of the camera,” she says. “If you see me in front of the camera, something has gone terribly wrong.” 

Her responsibilities have changed throughout the years as she has been given more opportunity. Though she is no longer producing and creating content, den Daas finds great reward in creating an environment for journalists on her team to do their best work. 

The element of service that is intrinsically built into journalism motivates her to continue to give back to the community through her work.

“I can proudly say that no matter where I am, whether it’s working in Texas or New York or London, I am an Okie through and through,” she says. “That’s part of my authentic self — regardless of the geography, I take that with me wherever I go.”

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