Humble Warrior Collective

Tiffany Tran, yoga instructor; Kendra Guthrie, Humble Warrior Collective executive director; and the organization’s founder, Sarah Hancock Thomas

Sarah Hancock Thomas set out to help at-risk teens heal from trauma, founding Attic Conversations Yoga Foundation in 2010.

“It was Street School bringing 10 girls to my home,” she says. “It was up in my attic for the first few months.”

Now, she has rebranded to Humble Warrior Collective to better represent the group’s mission: building strong communities filled with hope by providing access to mindfulness and yoga tools, empowering individuals to overcome cycles of neglect, violence and trauma.

Through its various partner agencies, Humble Warrior leads participants in “trauma-informed yoga,” among other activities. “There are conversations around themes of empowerment,” Thomas says. “The physical yoga practice is sandwiched in there with other resources for expression and wellness.”

Built around the idea of feeling safe, a Humble Warrior session — part of an eight-week course — allows participants to tailor a class to their needs. “We’ll say, ‘If it feels safe, go ahead and close your eyes in this pose,’” Thomas says. “A survivor of sexual violence might not feel safe closing her eyes. It’s suited to the person: What do they need?”

Humble Warrior currently offers programs in locations as disparate as the Tulsa County Family Center for Juvenile Justice, Domestic Violence Intervention Services and Tulsa Public Schools. Check for

periodic community classes, which are donation based.

“Our curriculum leads up to a sense of belonging,” Smith says. “That’s one of our major efforts, to make sure everyone feels involved and connected in the community.” 

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