Happy Tails Ringo

Chris, Kayden, Bryttnie and Charlotte Harris with dog Ringo

The Tulsa SPCA has been helping animals in our area since 1913. The shelter never euthanizes for space and happily rescues animals from high-kill shelters. It also accepts owner surrenders and rescues from cruelty investigations, hoarding and puppy mills. Animals live on-site or with foster parents until they’re adopted.

“Happy Tails” documents those adoptions, demonstrating that for every tragic animal story there can be a happy ending. Learn about volunteering, fostering, upcoming events, adoptions and SPCA’s low-cost vaccination clinic at tulsaspca.org. Visit TulsaPeople.com/TheVoice to see a photo gallery of adoptable pets.

This month’s story is about Ringo, a 5-year-old Shepherd mix:

“Ringo has been the best addition to our family. He is so patient with our 2-year old who just loves giving Ringo hugs. He gets along so well with other dogs and cats in our family, and he lets the baby be. Well, unless she cries, and then he will go over and put his head on her lap.

“He loves car rides and going on walks, but most importantly he loves to cuddle and nap. Thank you for not giving up on Ringo. I know he was at the shelter the longest when we picked him up. I can’t believe no one scooped up this baby before we did.”

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