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Kristin McQuaid has danced through life. It started when she was 11, then it became her job for the past two decades. She’s danced with Britney Spears on tour and once danced with Prince for a music video. Her work has been seen on television with “So You Think You Can Dance” and “Dance Moms.”

But what if the choreographer had never danced? McQuaid couldn’t help but think about this idea. What could have been her passion or hobbies? 

“In 2020 I decided this is my time to kind of reach out and try new things, and then it evolved into a series, because other people were thinking the same thing,” says McQuaid, who along with her hubby, Steve, has split time between Tulsa and Los Angeles for over a decade. “I thought, let me be the guinea pig. Let me go out and try these different talents and activities and hobbies. I want to be that person, that sense of comedic relief, where I go in and I make a fool of myself.”

That idea became “Kickin’ It with Kristin,” a children’s YouTube series featuring seven episodes in the first season that debuted in October. Each episode features McQuaid learning new things like how to bowl, create glass art at Tulsa Glassblowing School and ride a horse. 

“The horseback riding had to be one of my favorite episodes, not only to watch the finished product, but just to film,” she says. “It was so nerve racking. I saw my life flash before my eyes at least 15 times. I realized horseback riding is not for me, so I can check that off the list and say ‘thank you, but no.’”

McQuaid describes the series as a sort of modern-day take on a PBS Kids show like “The Magic School Bus” that encourages young viewers to explore new hobbies. 

“I want people to try and eliminate the words ‘What if?’ and change it into ‘When?’ I think that’s the biggest thing that I can take away from the series, and I want everyone else to take away from this series,” says McQuaid, who is shooting season 2. “We just get one life. We just have one, and so it’s hard to just try and stick with one thing when really deep inside, you’re like, ‘I want to play guitar,’ or ‘I might be really good at singing,’ or when we just want to try new things.”


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