Jim Langdon

Jim Langdon

This issue of TulsaPeople marks the 35th anniversary of the magazine. The inaugural issue was published in November 1986, and this one is number 420 if you are counting.

Our staff is marking the anniversary in this issue by presenting a sampling of our “favorite” covers over the past 35 years, beginning on p. 57. 

The cover of a magazine is very important, of course. It is a publication’s front door and needs to be inviting as well as reflect what’s inside ... ideally content that will be of timely interest to Tulsa people, our readers. These covers have been inspired over the years by the magazine’s talented editors, creative directors and photographers. Virtually all cover photos in our earlier years were shot by Bob and John McCormack of McCormack Studios until we hired our first staff photographer, Michelle Weeks Pollard, in 1999. 

Personally, I have lots of ties when it comes to selecting my favorite covers and issues over the years. I know, without exception, I’m always proud of each issue from cover to cover. I see how much hard work and creative effort it takes to produce a high-quality magazine each and every month — both in print and digital, including a website, digital edition, weekly e-newsletter and a podcast called Tulsa Talks. For 35 years, we have had great teams of very talented professionals working to produce every issue of TulsaPeople and related products for our valued readers and advertisers.

For all these reasons, it was very gratifying when Editor Anne Brockman recently showed me a letter received from a reader named Melissa White. It read, in part:

Dear TulsaPeople Magazine team,

I want to share with your team a bit of good news about how being a longtime avid reader of your magazine helped me organize a PTA event ...

Arena Mueller, the Renaissance Neighborhood historian (February 2019 issue), and the Urban Sketchers of Tulsa (July 2021 issue) have both graciously agreed to co-host our first ‘Make Art Outside’ event for our families (at Mayo Demonstration School).

I literally comb through every issue of TulsaPeople magazine, adding events to my calendar, liking social media pages, etc. It’s not surprising really that I was able to recall a TulsaPeople article I read two years ago … I want to thank your team for providing such fascinating, useful insights into my community. I am a better Tulsan, a better parent and a better public school PTA vice president because of your magazine. Keep up the good work, friends!

Melissa White, Mayo PTA

Thank you, Melissa!

It is with sadness I share the news of the recent passing of former Tulsan Aubyn Howe, in Austin, Texas. Aubyn graced the July 1994 cover of TulsaPeople with a headline describing her as “A Real Goal-Getter: Tulsa’s First Lady of Fundraising.” 

As Editor Missy Kruse wrote in the cover story, Aubyn was a fundraising fireball for such organizations as Mental Health Association, Ronald McDonald House, March of Dimes and Tulsa Ballet, all while battling MS for over 50 years. A much-valued friend, Aubyn inspired me to become a part of the community and grow the magazine along the way. As a smart and savvy volunteer and fundraiser, she exemplified and enhanced Tulsa’s reputation as a giving community.

Condolences to her husband, Bob, and family, and many Tulsans, like me, who loved and appreciated Aubyn Howe.

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