According to the dictionary, August is defined as “marked by majestic dignity or grandeur.” In Oklahoma, August can be defined as sweltering, manic and perhaps symphonic.

We all know it’s hot. It doesn’t take a genius to know that. It’s manic in that families are in a mad dash to get school supplies, last-minute doctor’s appointments and fleeting summer vacations in before the first bell of the school year.

My favorite part of the month comes at night when the melodies of cicadas linger through the neighborhood. There’s nothing quite like enjoying a scoop of ice cream before bedtime while sitting on the patio listening to the sounds of the summer season.

I hope summer has treated you well. We all know it’s not over, but there’s something to the rhythm of back-to-school time that gets all of us “back to normal.”

This month’s issue is a special one. I’m especially proud of Theatre Tulsa and its 100th anniversary — a record that should make both the company and the whole city proud. The nonprofit has had its ups and downs over the years, but haven’t we all? On p. 53, read about how the organization is working to build bridges in the community and increase access to performances for audiences, actors and volunteers. A special thanks to Theatre Tulsa’s Executive Director Jarrod Kopp; Resident Costume, Hair and Makeup Designer Lisa Hunter; Tulsa Performing Arts Center’s Director of Programming Terri McGillbra; TulsaPeople Photographer Michelle Pollard and Creative Director Madeline Crawford for pulling together such a fun cover shoot.

Another anniversary to celebrate this month: It has been one year since Greenwood Rising opened in the historic district. The site has garnered national attention and welcomed thousands of visitors to learn about the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre while celebrating the community’s victories and planting the seeds of reconciliation. Read more on p. 50.

A group of higher education administrators have formally come together to create Tulsa’s first consortium for higher education. The group’s goal is to make it easier for students to attain their four-year degree through streamlined transfer programs and degree paths. It’s nitty gritty work and I think Tulsa will be grateful to this unsung group of educators in the years to come. Read the full story on p. 36.

Also in this issue are destinations for a fall break road trip (p. 76), a collection of local restaurants and dishes to try (starting on p. 87), as well as a complete 2022-2023 performing arts guide (p. 56). 

I want to say a special thank you to our summer interns who will be leaving this month to return to school. Hadley DeJarnette (Oklahoma State University), Alexa Mostrom (Oral Roberts University) and Madison Walters (University of Tulsa) shared their talents and bright personalities with us this summer, doing a lot of work for us throughout it all. If these three ladies are any indication of the talent coming out of our local universities, our community’s future is so, so bright.

I also want to welcome TulsaPeople’s newest City Editor, Tiffany Howard, to the team. The Tulsa native and former freelance writer has already impressed us, and I know she’ll have the same effect on you, our readers. 

Until next time, stay cool and soak in the last days of summer.

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