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The Taylor family — Zoe, Tabitha, Bella, Ty and Patrick — with Rustic Pup’s “Medium Double Bulldog” crate. This model and others can be purchased at Fetch pet store, 7891 E. 108th St. S., Suite X-18.

As local entrepreneur Patrick Taylor was nursing a ruptured disc in October 2019, he was bothered by something in his home: the huge wire crates where his family’s very large dogs slept. Following back surgery in December, he committed to making something more appealing to hold the hounds.

“I was out of town, and he decided he was going to get rid of the two ugly, giant wire dog crates in our living room,” says Tabitha Taylor, Patrick’s wife and business partner. “I came home to a very nice sofa table he had built that actually housed our two dogs.”

The surprise turned into a profitable venture via social media — COVID-19 has kept them from selling in person — and now the Taylors run Rustic Pup full time as a family business, with help from their children, Zoe, Ty and Bella.

Rustic Pup elevates pet furniture by incorporating interior design aesthetics. Every crate seamlessly doubles as an end table, a sofa table, a coffee table or whatever other function one might need. The Taylors converted their garage into a workshop but say they will soon have to expand to a larger facility. 

Items range from something as modest as a wooden dog food container to an entertainment center designed to house a big pooch or two. The company’s most cat-centric product is a litter box holder that lets cats in and keeps dogs out. “Every single crate is custom built,” Tabitha says. “We have nothing built whatsoever until someone places an order.”

Prices range from $180-$1,780, depending on wood staining and sizes. Turnaround is three to five business days for local orders; 10-14 days nationwide. Items are sold at and at Fetch pet store in south Tulsa. Rustic Pup’s materials are all sourced from local woodworking groups in Tulsa.

“We are so excited to offer a functional piece of furniture that you and your furry friend will enjoy for many years to come,” Patrick says.


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Ethan Veenker is from Tulsa, Oklahoma. He will graduate from the University of Tulsa in May 2020 with two degrees in English and creative writing. When not writing or reading, he likes to drum. This annoys his neighbors.

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