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From its signature pop-up dessert bars to offering equal pay to all employees — from chefs to dishwashers — et al. is a local gastronomy game changer. Established by Marco Herrera and Colin Sato, other minds behind et al. include Josh Knorr, Sam Luna, Aaron Loud, Chloe Butler, Parker Owen and Peter Greve.

Several Tulsa culinary hot spots and well-known restaurateurs were announced in late January as semifinalists up for receiving James Beard Awards: 

Best New Restaurant: et al.

Outstanding Hospitality: SMOKE. Woodfire Grill

Outstanding Bar: American Solera 

Outstanding Restaurateur: Johnna Hayes and Debra Zinke of Tulsa’s 3 Sirens Restaurant Group, which owns Bird and Bottle, three Bramble Breakfast and Bar locations, Holé Molé, and Shaky Jake’s Burgers and Franks

Outstanding Chef Southwest (from Oklahoma, Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada): Lisa Becklund of FarmBar; Ben Alexander of Mr. Kim’s; and Paul Wilson of Sans Murs at the silo

The James Beard Awards recognize exceptional talent and achievement in the culinary arts, as well as pioneering sustainability and equitable advancement initiatives within the restaurant industry. Nominees will be announced March 29, and winners celebrated June 5 at the James Beard Restaurant and Chef Awards Ceremony.

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