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For all the pup parents who want to commemorate their love for the four-legged friends in their lives, Garden Deva Sculpture Co., 1326 E. Third St., offers a wide collection of metal work “Deva Dogs.” 

There are over 30 different types of sculpted dog breeds to choose from either online or in store. The natural steel sculptures range in size from 12-inch-long desk ornaments to custom-made pieces that can range in size up to 4 feet, or even larger upon request. If there is a specific breed not currently listed, Garden Deva also is happy to custom-make your precious pup. Details like the dalmatian’s spots and the bulldog’s folds make each breed unique and distinguishable.

Garden Deva was founded in Tulsa in 1997 by Lisa Regan, who then sold the business to artistic visionaries Kari and Bobby Babcock in 2017 upon Regan’s retirement. The Babcocks have continued crafting the metal sculpture works, which are first drawn by hand, plasma cut by machine, and then shaped to form. 

Sculptures can be found on Garden Deva’s website and in-store gallery along with a myriad of other metal work collections for varied seasons. If you’d like to place a custom order, you can reach out to the Deva crew via phone at 918-592-3382, by emailing or stopping by the gallery for an in-person request. 

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