Covers revisited Hap Fry

Many Tulsans know Robert “Hap” Fry for his highly decorated law practice that focuses on divorce and child custody litigation, but many others recognize him as the longtime walking companion of Badger, his fluffy black Aussiedoodle. 

The pair has been a staple at Utica Square for years and stood out because of Badger’s custom-made wheels for his hind legs. In fact, Fry and Badger were featured on the cover of TulsaPeople’s September 2019 issue as some of Tulsa’s most “familiar faces.”

In the article, Fry recounted how his children encouraged him to get a dog after the death of his wife in 2011. Finding Badger in 2012 was the start of a special friendship. 

When a 2017 accident left Badger partially paralyzed, Fry spared no expense or effort to save him, traveling as far as North Carolina for experimental treatments. After his recovery, Badger and Fry were largely inseparable, with Badger even accompanying Fry to his law office. 

With the help of the dog’s chariot, the two enjoyed their daily walk among the patrons and vendors of Utica Square, as well as special events like Summer’s Fifth Night. Badger’s favorite stop? The Dolphin Fine Linens, where his girlfriend Rosie, the resident shop dog, resides. Rosie was TulsaPeople’s most recent cover dog in November 2022.

Badger died Nov. 17, leaving a hole in the hearts of Fry and all who knew the beloved pup. Fry says, “I want to thank the people of Utica Square — the store owners, employees and customers — for making Badger’s and my life so joyful, especially after his accident.”

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