Ren Barger TP cover

When TulsaPeople featured bicycle enthusiast/entrepreneur Ren Barger on our April 2011 “Green Issue” cover, it had been three years since Tulsa Hub opened in a downtown warehouse at 601 W. Third St. It’s still there, and Barger still bubbles over about it.

“Tulsa Hub is the belief in human power, made visible,” she says. “It is a place to connect people who love helping people with people who love cycling. We have served thousands of riders with hundreds of volunteers and 12 staff people over the past 11 years.”

Tulsa Hub’s primary biking-for-transportation program is Adult Cycling Empowerment, which serves low-income adults in need of transportation. The Tulsa Hub serves people of all ages, including middle- and high-schoolers.

Twelve years after Tulsa Hub’s inception, Barger is enthusiastic about an increase in Low Impact Transportation infrastructure that gives cyclists and other car-free Tulsans “a sense of place in our shared roadways,” she says. “Since the 2011 article, there are four times as many miles of bike lanes downtown.”

When Tulsa Hub opened, Barger was encouraging Tulsans to ride their bike to work once a week, but she has since broadened her perspective.

“The more I’ve learned from the people I serve through the mission and about the need for transportation choices and social equity,” she says, “I’m much more interested in how we treat, share with and connect with each other, and how we can engage leadership to care more for the unmet needs of vulnerable people.” 

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