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Eleven years ago, TulsaPeople introduced readers to Lt. Col. Dan Rooney, founder of the Folds of Honor Foundation.

The organization was formed to provide scholarships to families of fallen and disabled veterans. The story introduced then 7-year-old Jacob Bucklin, son of Cpl. Brock Bucklin who was killed in Iraq. It was Brock’s journey home that inspired the creation of Folds of Honor. Jacob was the foundation’s first scholarship recipient.

“Right now, Jacob is considering his options for a positive future, including enlisting in the military,” Rooney says.

Over the foundation’s 13 years, Rooney says it has provided 28,000 scholarships — 4,000 for the 2020-21 school year — to family members across the nation.

Folds of Honor is based at Owasso’s Patriot Golf Club, which in 2018 added a clubhouse, renovated pro shop with locker rooms, a swimming pool and barber shop. The ever-growing Patriot Golf Day has expanded nationwide to promote the organization and fundraise through green fees and personal funding drives, among other campaigns.

Next year Rooney, with golf icon Jack Nicklaus, will open American Dunes Golf Club in Grand Haven, Michigan. All profits from the club will benefit the Folds of Honor Foundation.

After three tours of duty in Iraq, Rooney continues to fly fighters as an aggressor pilot in the 301st Fighter Squadron at Elgin Air Force Base in Destin, Florida.

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