Cray Bauxmont-Flynn

Cray Bauxmont-Flynn

Cray Bauxmont-Flynn (Cherokee/Delaware) was raised in Newport Beach, California; educated in Paris and Rome; and worked in Singapore, New York City, Los Angeles and Las Vegas, all before landing in Tulsa in 2019 as chief operating officer and lead of EFG Design and Architecture.  

That’s just one of his jobs. He’s also a partner in the Broken Arrow-based Blackhawk Construction, and this spring he plans to launch a furniture line, Amatoya, named after his ancestor, an 18th-century Cherokee chief. The first item that will be available for purchase is a chair called “Hoskin” after Cherokee Nation Principal Chief Chuck Hoskin Jr. The piece is planned to launch in June at a Dallas market.

“I’m not one to sit idle. I like to be challenged,” Bauxmont-Flynn says. “I look at things in a different perspective, more exaggerated, larger than what they are, and then how they intersect. ... So kind of connecting the dots is so sweet.” 

Bauxmont-Flynn was in Las Vegas working on a project in partnership with what was then ERA Design and Architecture when principal Donna Edmonson (Cherokee) offered him the opportunity to become her successor. He says it was a “no-brainer” because he wants to provide education and job opportunities for other Native Americans.

“I think it’s in my DNA to give back,” says the 56-year-old architect, who grew up visiting his Cherokee great-grandparents and great-great-grandmother in Chelsea. “I think it’s very important to encourage Native Americans to get involved in our industry, be it a furniture maker, or artisan or architect, interior designer. It could be someone who’s interested in plumbing or engineering. At least we give them an outlet and a path to start seeing if that’s the direction they want to go and working with the various principals and consultants that we work with.”


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