Ron Streck

Ron Streck holds a copy of his book, "Focus Golf with the Milestone Man" at LaFortune Park.

Ron Streck is still a member of the PGA Champions Tour, but he won’t be playing at Southern Hills Country Club when golfers tee off May 25 to begin the Senior PGA Championship. He likely won’t be in the gallery or even watching from home. 

“I probably won’t even be in town,” says the 66-year-old. “I will probably schedule one of my golf outings somewhere out of state that week.” 

Streck’s latest business venture is Footsteps Golf Outings, where he and a group of golfers travel to some of the best courses on the planet to have some fun. 

“We’re trying to do four to five outings a year at different high-end golf courses,” says Streck, a lifelong Tulsan and graduate of the University of Tulsa. “We’re thinking about going to Royal St. George’s Golf Club this year, where they’re playing the British Open.”

Streck is a member of Oaks Country Club, where he still plays when he’s not following his son, Reagan, who is a junior at Evangel University and a member of the Springfield, Missouri, school’s golf team. 

“I’ve never been a spectator of golf in my life, and it’s really hard,” Streck says. “I go to these golf tournaments with all these college kids, and I guess in my mind it’s like, ‘Why did you hit that shot? That is just stupid. What are you doing that for?’ I know how to play tournament golf, and I know how you focus and get your mindset on it, and I’m not exaggerating — it drives me nuts.” 

Watching his son play high school golf at Lincoln Christian and seeing how the young golfers lacked focus led Streck in 2016 to publish his book “Focus Golf with the Milestone Man.” More than 20,000 copies have been distributed to college and high school golf teams through his foundation, and he often does speaking engagements. 

“I wrote a book that’s really about the mental part of the game that doesn’t have anything to do with your golf swing,” says Streck, who was nicknamed “Milestone Man” because he was the first PGA golfer to play with metalwoods (1979) and the first to win with metalwoods (1981). In 2005 he became the first golfer to win events in all three professional golf tours when he won on the Champions Tour. 

The Strecks are a golfing family. Ron’s parents loved the game, and for a long time his mom, Dell, held the family record for holes in one with 13 until Ron passed her on his way to 17, including five on the PGA Tour. 

“My mom always liked to tease me about it and say things like, ‘You sure are taking a long time to do it,’” he says with a laugh. “I guess I got my competitiveness from my mom.”

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