Britni Harris

Britni Harris in the lobby of the Tulsa Club Hotel. The hotel is featured in her documentary “GOFF.”

For Chicago filmmaker Britni Harris, Oklahoma is more than home — it’s a muse. Inspired by obscure stories about the Midwest, she recently completed production of “GOFF,” a feature-length documentary about American architect Bruce Goff.

Goff spent much of his life in Tulsa and designed the Tulsa Club, Boston Avenue Methodist Church* and Riverside Studio.

“I wanted to tell a story based in Oklahoma,” Harris says. “When I discovered Goff’s unique story, I was mesmerized by his journey as an artist.”

Harris, a Bixby High School graduate, found inspiration for “GOFF” while studying journalism at the University of Oklahoma. Her goal was to shine a spotlight on a major piece of Tulsa’s history — a piece that, Harris believes, might have been forgotten.

“As a result of establishing his practice during a conservative time in the Midwest, much of Goff’s work has been left to decay,” Harris says. “I felt someone needed to tell Goff’s story and remind the public of the importance of preserving his work.”

To tell that story, Harris obtained material and images from the Art Institute of Chicago and many other museums/archival resources. She also captured footage before and after restoration of the iconic Tulsa Club. Alongside a film crew of Oklahomans, Harris felt a personal connection to Goff’s story. And, she believes it’s something that will resonate with many others.

“Goff’s teachings encouraged people to take risks and embrace failure in order to expand their discipline,” Harris says. “I see that same spirit in many artists and entrepreneurs in the Tulsa area.”

“GOFF” was recently accepted into the Architecture and Design Film Festival, and Harris hopes to bring it to Tulsa this year. In the meantime, she plans to create her own production company and share more stories about the Midwest and Oklahoma.

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