Sarah Sullivan

Sarah Sullivan

Name: Sarah Sullivan

Public social media handle(s): @sullystring

Tell us a bit about yourself:

I am a Tulsa-based fiber artist, muralist, and everything in-between. Through various mediums like handwoven textiles and painting, my work is an escape to a world of joyful color and bold shapes. You can find murals I’ve painted all around Tulsa and Oklahoma City, and you can shop for paintings, wall hangings, and rugs at

What is the story behind your poster design and what medium did you do?

I wanted my poster to be simple in its design and direct in its message. The process, however, was a little more complicated. I drafted a version of it on my computer, then made two paintings of it, and finally, modified the digital version to look more like the paintings. I also created my own custom alphabet in the process!

Why is important for people to vote on Nov. 3?

I wanted my poster to answer the question, “Why should we vote?” I wrote down a long list of reasons and boiled it down to: For Me, For You, For Good, For Better. Unfortunately, so many people believe their vote doesn’t matter, but their voice absolutely deserves to be heard! And when most people do vote, it’s easy to do so with only our own interests in mind. But we’re all in this crazy democracy together, so we have to also think of what will bring the most good to our community as a whole. We have to ask ourselves how we can provide a good and better world for future generations. Voting give us the opportunity to put a little more humanity into the crazy spectacle of modern politics.

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