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Instructor Allison Lackner provides direction to students Elizabeth Hall and Otto Duy during a Camp Architecture session.

Tulsa Foundation for Architecture has long been known for its downtown walking tours and other adult-centric educational events, but the organization has a new executive director, Amber Litwack, and is expanding its reach to teach local children and students about Tulsa’s architecture and historic buildings.

Litwack joined TFA in August 2021 after working at ahha Tulsa as director of education and exhibitions. She hopes to use her strong public programming background to expand events for TFA among diverse audiences.

“This job specifically appealed to me because I am passionate about architecture, and I saw a lot of opportunities to expand the organization and to make it more visible to reach audiences that TFA currently hasn’t been reaching, or hasn’t been reaching as well in the past,” Litwack says.

TFA’s recent focus on family-friendly programming will include new workshops, youth tours and summer camp. Camp Architecture is TFA’s first summer camp that gives kids in grades 3-6 a chance to explore architectural topics and create their own designs. The first two week-long sessions of Camp Architecture took place in June and July and will be offered again in 2023.

Litwack says camp offerings will be finalized and released in early March, prior to Spring Break.

“I think it really helps instill a sense of civic pride in kids to learn more about their community and doing that through architecture is really fascinating,” Litwack says. “We need to start getting kids interested in things like this when they’re young so they can cultivate a lifelong interest and sustain organizations like this when they’re older.”

In addition to the new family-friendly programming, TFA will host several walking tours this fall including Tulsa Underground: The Tunnel Tour, Old Town Tulsa: The Arts District and Moving Into Modern: With Architect No. 1. TFA also will be hosting its annual Halloween bash in October at the Dresser Mansion.

For more information about upcoming events, check the calendar at

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