Abby Kurin FMAC

Abby Kurin

Abby Kurin is ready for film season. She is executive director of the Tulsa Office of Film, Music, Art and Culture (FMAC), as well as vice president of marketing and communications for Tulsa Regional Tourism.

In addition to implementing big ideas in the film and music industries and adding staff in 2020, she will attend the Sundance Film Festival (Jan. 23-Feb. 2) for the fourth time. She also looks forward to the Tulsa Music Showcase at South by Southwest from March 13-22 in Austin, Texas.

Your office has been an official part of SXSW since 2015. What will Tulsa bring to the festival in 2020?

Tulsa is one of four cities with an official presence at SXSW, and every year people look forward to the musicians on our stage. It’s an incredible feeling to see people lined up out the door to see our musicians. They’re so talented, and we have so much to promote and be proud of. We will be announcing the full lineup this month.

In June 2018, FMAC launched the Tulsa Creativity Database. How has it been utilized?

The database highlights Tulsa’s various locations, plus it’s a directory for musicians, filmmakers, artists and creative support services. It’s free to register and free to use. It has been well received and grows every day. As a platform for promotion and connection, it’s a great resource for those in Tulsa or those looking to do business here.

Tulsa and Oklahoma seem to be having “a moment” in film and TV, not just as filming locations but in settings and plots. What’s drawing such attention?

It’s incredible, and we’re all so proud. There are original and unique stories here, combined with a stellar location — a project shot here can tell an authentic story, or we can double for somewhere else.

Our locations, crew and resources shine when productions choose to film in Oklahoma. We’ve even had multiple producers return to Tulsa with new projects. That says a lot about what we offer as a state and region. The film industry means jobs and economic impact, which is important to keep our creative talent here.

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