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Mandy Lauck

Mandy Lauck, general manager at Bramble and Holé Molé, 1302 E. Sixth St., wants everyone — drinkers and non-drinkers alike — to enjoy the fun of having a specialty cocktail with their meal.

Enter her slate of fabulous mocktails on the menu at Bramble, which debuted late last year. From the Sweet Nothings, made of non-alcoholic gin, pineapple juice and lime, to the secret standout (and Lauck’s favorite) the Cold Fashioned, these sans-alcohol drinks have been a hit.

Being a non-drinker herself, Lauck has a clear passion for making the dining experience just as fun for everyone, regardless of drinking status.

“I remember when I quit drinking, going out with friends wasn’t as enjoyable. It’s not fun being limited to a water or a soda,” she says.

Lauck is already crafting new mocktails to add to Bramble’s menu, as well as alcohol-free offerings for Holé Molé, the new concept restaurant located in the same space as Bramble. 

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