Up with People comes to Tulsa

Back row, Up with People alumnus Keith Marlow and Casey Jenkins, UWP promotion representative, from the United States; front row, Sergio Campos, promotion manager, from Mexico; and Ya Wang, promotion representative, from China, at Marlow’s Tulsa store, 360 Home.

An international travel program will visit Tulsa this month with plans to donate more than 1,000 cumulative hours to local nonprofits, including Habitat for Humanity.

From Sept. 2-9, members of Up with People’s international touring cast will participate in community service projects such as the United Way Day of Caring on Sept. 6. The cast will perform its 2019 production, a two-hour show with international music and costumes, on Sept. 7 at Kirkland Theatre, 808 E. College St., Broken Arrow.

While in Tulsa, cast members will live with 30-60 local host families in their homes to learn about the city’s unique culture, as well as share their own diversity, says Hayley Lutz of UWP. The cast hails from all over the world.

Lutz says UWP, a tuition-based program, teaches young people ages 17-29 about new cultures and provides them valuable professional experience through internships and various educational opportunities.

Tulsan Keith Marlow, a radio DJ-turned-retailer, toured with UWP from 1983-84 immediately after graduating from high school.

"I wanted to travel, to see the world. I wanted to perform," he says.

Marlow later held various volunteer roles with the organization, including serving on its board of governors.

"Regardless of our personal beliefs and convictions, cultures or nationalities, we share common ground in that we all want to enjoy our lives in a better world. To me, that’s what Up with People is about."

For more information about the Tulsa visit and performance, visit upwithpeople.org.

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