Surrealist mid-20th-century painter Frida Kahlo is a towering figure in feminist and post-revolutionary Mexican art, and a biographical exhibition on her life is – appropriately – on display at Price Tower Arts Center, 510 S. Dewey Ave., Bartlesville.

The exhibition, "Frida Kahlo’s Garden," supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities’ "On the Road" series, offers free admission and runs through Oct. 20.

"Frida Kahlo’s Garden" features photographs of the artist’s home and garden, as well as reproductions of some of her paintings and items from her garden, which served as a sanctuary and space for artistic inspiration for Kahlo and her husband, Diego Rivera, another prominent Mexican artist.

Kahlo’s art often took the form of self-portraits, in which she would vividly depict the complexities of her character and emotional state through surreal, fantastical imagery.

"As a free exhibit to the public, this is an opportunity for everyone to learn about Frida Kahlo’s life, her garden and how she inspires many people, even today," says Rick Loyd, Price Tower Arts Center Executive Director. He continues, "Frida Kahlo was able to take the pain and happiness from her life, and project it into her art in a way many can see, and gain insight and comfort. Her self-portraits are of her, but so many can identify with her vision and interpret her works of art in many different ways."

Beyond producing a compelling portrait of Kahlo as not just an artist, but a person, the exhibition aims to educate patrons on Mexican culture through inclusion of materials on festivities, food and agriculture.

"We are very lucky that are able to host it so soon, as the show is currently booked through 2023 and will visit 23 cities across the country," says Deshane Atkins, Price Tower Arts Center Curator. "We are also the only stop in Oklahoma."

The traveling exhibition’s next stop is at El Museo Latino in Omaha, Nebraska.

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