Rustic Chophouse

Tomahawk steak, sautéed Brussels sprouts, wild mushroom mac and a Whisky Mango Tea cocktail.

Having grown up in Broken Arrow, I know that whenever there’s a new restaurant in town there’s a big hub-bub. Lines out the door, no parking, etc. People get excited, even if it’s a chain.

So when the locally owned Rustic Chophouse, 210 S. Main St., Broken Arrow, opened in December in the Rose District, I waited it out. What I heard in the meantime was continual praise. Multiple people called RC’s cuts of meat “the best steak I’ve ever had.”

I finally visited RC in June with my mom, one of RC’s fast fans. After a glass of Malbec, I ordered the 8-ounce filet; she the Chicken Saltimbocca pasta dish. Sides are a la carte and large enough for two. We chose the sauteed Brussels sprouts and wild mushroom mac.

“But it’s not really mac and cheese,” Mom told me. “Just you wait.”

Delivered to the table was possibly the best cheesy risotto this side of heaven. Not too rich but filling and flavorful, this side dish could be meal unto itself. 

My steak was a perfect medium with the kind of salty, buttery char I love. I took home a few leftovers, and two bites of the filet were all my husband needed to get to work planning our next date night.

He and I returned to RC in July, and I ordered the same steak and sides — the original meal was that good — which did not disappoint. My husband’s medium-rare Chop House Strip was perfectly cooked and seasoned, but I preferred the filet. RC has a nice cocktail menu; I enjoyed a refreshing Paloma, and he got a beer.

I’ve since spoken to a few people who think RC is overrated, maybe because of the price tag, which is high for BA. I’ve sent dozens there to try it for themselves on a special occasion or date night.

RC is a small restaurant with a very small street-side patio. To be on the safe side, be sure to make a dinner reservation, although you might be able to walk up if you’re willing to sit at the bar. RC recently started serving lunch, which I look forward to trying. The restaurant is closed Mondays.

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