Weeknight fun downtown

Anaconda and La Pandita Bonita battle for wrestling supremacy during a luchadore match at Eloté.

Not too long ago there wasn’t very much going on downtown.

As recently as five years ago, I couldn’t go two days without hearing someone complain that there was "nothing to do" in Tulsa. And I’ll be completely honest: Sometimes I was that person. But, oh, how the tables have turned.

We are all well aware of some of the marquee downtown attractions. But what about the smaller weekday events? Here are a few highlights.

Luchadores at Eloté

I already consider Eloté (514 S. Boston Ave.) one of the coolest places in Tulsa. They had me at "puffy taco." But they’ve gone and upped the ante. On the first and third Thursdays of the month, May through October, you can see live luchadore wrestling. That’s right, owner Libby Auld expanded her restaurant a few months back, adding a bar and, yes, a wrestling ring. This is truly a unique experience that one must see to believe. Check out "Luchapalooza" Oct. 9, which will feature a larger ring, live music and the season’s title matches. www.EloteTulsa.com

Trivia at Joe Momma’s

Does pizza stimulate the brain? The folks over at Joe Momma’s (112 S. Elgin Ave.) are banking on it. Every Thursday night, they host a lively and usually packed crowd for trivia. The trivia is free, but every week a different local charity receives a portion of that night’s proceeds. So for every slice you ingest, you are helping mankind. How can you resist? Bring your appetite and your A-game! www.joemommas.com

Open mic at Gypsy Coffeehouse

You’ve got to give Gypsy Coffeehouse (303 N. Cincinnati Ave.) some credit where credit is due. A little more than 10 years ago, when it opened, downtown wasn’t really a happening place. Now, the world has grown around it, but the coffeehouse has remained. Every Tuesday night it hosts a varied and lively open mic session filled with poetry, music and some things that aren’t easily classified. Freeform open mic events are not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you are into this sort of thing, and I am on occasion, give it a shot. www.gypsycoffee.com

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