Greg Fallis

Greg Fallis

Tulsa native Greg Fallis recently returned to his hometown, and he’s bringing a little of New Orleans with him. Before he’d even unpacked his boxes, this University of Tulsa grad, educator and trombonist had already formed a band and had a gig on the books.

King Cabbage Brass Band, a seven-piece, horn-centric, NOLA-inspired musical explosion hit the ground running with a riotous set at Cry Baby Hill in June and performances around town ever since. 

Fallis, who started a music teaching job at Monte Cassino Middle School last month, is glad to be back in Tulsa after graduate studies in Memphis, months on the road with the celebrated Glenn Miller Orchestra and a year in New Orleans, where he taught while immersing himself in the city’s legendary music scene. He believes Tulsa is experiencing a renaissance in arts and culture, and he wants to be a part of it.

“There’s a lot of opportunity here, and the market is wide open. I think this is a great place for any musician to have a long and prosperous career,” Fallis says. “It’s becoming a place where these bands, which are blossoming into national acts, are finding a really happy home.”

In addition to Fallis, King Cabbage includes Nicholas Foster (drums), Jordan Hehl (bass), Bishop Marsh (trumpet), Ben Hay (trumpet), Andy McCormick (tenor sax) and Matt Leland (trombone). The band is as likely to cover the brass band standards of NOLA’s Rebirth and Dirty Dozen as they are songs by Beyoncé, Outkast or Rage Against the Machine.

Fallis hopes to bring this innovative approach to Monte Cassino’s music program, as well. He plans to create an American music ensemble and teach his students about everything from Oklahoma folk hero Woody Guthrie to the sounds of Detroit’s Motown and Memphis’ Stax Records. 

“I’d like to go all the way back to the roots of rock and roll and focus on Black American music because so much of our music in this country comes from the contributions of Black American music and African American artists,” he says.

For more on King Cabbage and the band’s latest performances, visit

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