TulsaGo Market

When TulsaGo began in 2018, it set forth to show both Tulsa residents and visitors what makes the city one of a kind. The platform is a collection of digital resources available at tulsago.com and on its social media channels.

“This includes telling the story of small businesses, highlighting local events, shops and much more,” says TulsaGo’s managing partner Erik-Michael Collins.

Next month, TulsaGo Market launches at Central Park Hall at Expo Square. 

“TulsaGo Market is the first of several new projects in the TulsaGo pipeline that will be rolled out over the next couple of years,” Collins says. He filled us in on what people can expect at this one-day event.

The TulsaGo Market is coming up on March 20 and will feature local small businesses. How did this event come about? 

TulsaGo Market was one of the very first projects that the TulsaGo team started talking about two years ago. The event was initiated out of the observation that many local businesses were not getting as much recognition as others were. This marketplace event allows an equal opportunity for all small local businesses to showcase what they offer to a widespread audience. 

What are the criteria for participating merchants?

The business must be locally owned and operated and must be located within Tulsa County.

What are you most looking forward to with the TulsaGo Market? Are there plans for another one in 2021?

To launch a new concept of a food, shopping and makers market all in one. Providing a single location where consumers can shop and support local storefront and home-based businesses makes TulsaGo Market unique. There are plans to host the next TulsaGo Market in 2022. This being the first event, we will see what happens and make changes accordingly for future events.

 Can merchants still register for the March 20 event?

Although the deadline was February 12, yes — we will still accept merchants. We want to provide this opportunity to as many businesses as possible. 

What else should we know about TulsaGo and the TulsaGo Market?

The event will be held on Saturday, March 20, 2021, in Central Park Hall at Expo Square. Admission is free and open to the public. As this is our first year to host the event, we will be giving away an exclusive, custom-designed TulsaGo Market shopping tote bag to the first 100 attendees. We will have additional tote bags that can be purchased for $5 and a portion of the sales will be put into a small business fund.

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