One day after releasing a debut album on Motown Records and the new single "Elevator" debuting in the top 10 rap singles on Apple Music, Fire in Little Africa performed Saturday to a large hometown crowd at the Black Wall Street Legacy Festival. 

Many of the songs call back to the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre, including "Elevator," which is about the interaction between Dick Rowland and Sarah Page. The album was recorded in Greenwood in March 2020. 

Fire in Little Africa is comprised of 60 local artists, including Steph Simon, Dialtone, St. Domonick, Sneak the Poet, Dr. View, Ayilla, Jerica Wortham, Hakeem Eli’Juwon, Verse, Thomas Who?, Parris Chariz, M.C., Surron the 7th, Ausha LaCole, Ray June, Tony Foster Jr., Written Quincey, Sterling Matthews, Chris the God, MC Cain, Keeng Cut, Jarry Manna, Doc Free, Jacobi Ryan, Young DV, K.O., Creo, iamDES, Yung Qwan, Shyheim, Earl Hazard, Lawrence Leon, Omaley B, Tizzi, Krisheena Suarez, Tea Rush, Medisin, Jacc Spade, 2peece, Papa, “Jimmi” Joe Bruner, WoRm, Xanvas, Malitmotives, Sentro, NOLO, Am’re Ford, the Vampire Youth, Damion Shade, Keezy Kuts, Bambi, Playya 1000, Lester Shaw, the GRAE, Jay Mizz, Foolie Foolie, Savvy Kray, Jabee, Deezy, SoufWessDes, Seriously K5ive, Original Flow, Ali Shaw, Beetyman, Sid Carter, Deeksta, 4wop, and Bezel 365.