Queen Kisses for Fab 5

In our June issue, we included Queen Kisses as one of our “Editor’s Picks.” We recently followed up with owner Tamiqua Whittaker to get a little more background on her products. See more of our Editor’s picks from June’s A-list.

What inspired you to create Queen Kisses, and what is special about your products?

What inspired me initially was the need for another stream of income for my household. My husband encouraged me to try and create something that I could call my own, as opposed to giving more of my family time away to others. After some thinking about what it is that I might be good at or enjoy doing, a lightbulb went off for me, "Duh, Tamiqua you've been a dental assistant for almost 10 years now (which I still love) and noticing that almost every patient leaves with dry lips (no matter their age) after their checkups. Who wouldn't love an all-natural solution to that?” I have years of oral health training and experience to ensure my blends are effective, not just 'tasty and cute'.

What has been your most popular product so far?

The most popular product has been the Ultimate Lipcare Kit. It consists of a 1 oz. jar of exfoliator, a lipbalm w/keychain holder, and also a Nighttime Renewal lipmask. It's the best bundle option and covers all of your lipcare needs with a single purchase.

Tell me about your new line for men.

My men's line is called KINGS ONLY, which as the name states, is for KINGS ONLY! So if you look at yourself as a KING, you have to care and be conscious of the condition of your lips. The line consists of one exfoliator scent called Montecristo which is a tobacco and vanilla blend that also contains black tea and honey. I also have 2 ultra-moisturizing lip balms for men, one is scented the same as the exfoliator, the other is unscented called BLACK LUX. The men in our lives deserve luxury self-care too, and KINGS ONLY is unmatched in presentation as well as the results!

Where can we find your products?

My entire line can be purchased from my website, as well as several local stores and spas (listed below.)

I'm always looking for ways to collaborate with local businesses and make it easier for Tulsa (and surrounding areas) to find my products instead of online ordering because who wants to wait for shipping when you live in the same town. Please email me at qkisses85@gmail.com for wholesale rates.

Website: www.myqueenkisses.com

Queen Kisses is available locally at:

  • Growing Hands Beauty Supply (5537 S. Lewis Ave.)
  • SNS Beauty Supply (3702 S. Elm Pl., Broken Arrow)
  • Roots Barber and Beauty Supply (2007 S. 129th E. Ave.)
  • Young Budz Dispensary on (9419 E. 31st St.)
  • Amazing Face and Body Day Spa (5553 S. Lewis Ave.)
  • Mandy's Beauty Supply (7212 E. 41st St.)

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