March contains multitudes. The ever-changing weather leads to ever-changing moods. Luckily in Tulsa, there are always plenty of different things to do and try. Whatever your mood is, we have a great list for you this month. 

Make something new for your home and feel a sense of accomplishment at The Teal Brush, a do-it-yourself painting and crafting studio. Choose from their menu of painting or home décor projects or think of your own and have The Teal Brush help make it happen. 

Clear is a place that will make spring cleaning and getting organized enjoyable. Shop trays, boxes, containers and other home goods – most of which are clear – to wrangle the chaos of your life into beautiful, crystalline perfection. 

Maybe it’s time to take up a new workout, one that instantly relieves stress and givean endorphin high you will not believe. Like boxing, for instance. Try out a free class at FuseBox Boxing Gym, where the delightful and gregariousCoach Tre” makes everyone feel like a natural Muhammad Ali right out of the gate. 

Fresh doughnuts always spark joy, especially if you surprise someone with colorful specialty doughnuts from Joy Donut. Order a special occasion box to bring your co-workers for an office birthday or to your family for Easter brunch. 

March 25 marks the 40th anniversary of the theatrical release of “The Outsiders.” Celebrate the cult classic’s anniversary in style by visiting The Outsiders House Museum for a tour and/or shopping in the gift shop for a new shirt, hat or book. 

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