Waffle That

Waffle That! owner Roy Tillis outside his food truck that started the business. He will soon be operating two brick-and-mortar restaurants in Tulsa. 

The movement to support Black-owned businesses is not a new concept; backing the idea has long bolstered the Black economy and kept dollars within the community. Yet the Black community has been aware minority-owned businesses typically face more barriers to success. These barriers make Black-owned business more vulnerable to economic downturn like those presented by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Indeed, as the virus swept the nation last year, minority-owned businesses were disproportionately impacted, forcing many to permanently close. This was due to structural barriers to financial health and disproportionate representation in industries most susceptible to economic trauma, according to a study by consulting firm McKinsey and Co. At the same time, the racial reckoning that has recently shaken the country has inspired some people to change their spending habits as they have been exposed to long-standing economic inequalities.

Just over a year after the death of George Floyd, the centennial of the 1921 Tulsa Race Massacre approaches. During the Massacre, the businesses on Black Wall Street were destroyed by a racist white mob. Thankfully, many Black business owners rebuilt in the face of barriers and thrived, even in the face of continued hardships.

Tulsa’s rich entrepreneurial history in the Black community continues today with a wide array of businesses offering goods and services. And while consumerism will not end centuries of racial inequality, one productive way Tulsans can remember this anniversary is to support Black-owned businesses by spending money intentionally and investing dollars in the community.

Meet four business owners, plus a guide to local Black-owned businesses:

Dragonslayer Games


Daniel Parham

Dragonslayer Games, 3944 S. Hudson Ave., is a mixed-media gaming and hobby shop dedicated to providing its customers, who range anywhere in age from 6 to 55-plus, with a unique, customer-oriented gaming experience. Originally started as an online business, Dragonslayer opened its storefront in February 2016. Owner Daniel Parham is accustomed to a pre-COVID gaming world of interactive game nights. “We had card game events; we used to have board game and tabletop night, and that was something that I truly miss,” Parham says. “We did have quite a few tables of D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) players. The whole place would fill up. We would have 50 people in the store (and) obviously, that does not work now.” 

During non-COVID-19 times, tournaments take place in the store’s game lounge where guests can take advantage of the snack bar. The store carries a wide variety of gaming essentials such as tabletop games, trading card games and video games, as well as Japanese collectible toys and anime-themed items. 

Since COVID-19, Parham has been forced to police mask wearing, something he never imagined doing as a business owner. “I feel like I’ve gotten a lot of a lot of training for when I go forward and (decide to be a) parent,” Parham says. Parham looks forward to the day he can host a packed house again in his 3,000-square-foot store. 

Parham, who has played all kinds of games since middle school, has always wanted to run a business like Dragonslayer Games.

Habit Boutique 


Shavonna Caldwell

Tulsa native and Booker T. Washington graduate Shavonna Caldwell opened Habit Boutique in May 2016. After spending some time in corporate America after college, Caldwell was looking to make a career shift as well as foster positive change in the community. “I was a little disturbed there weren’t shopping options in north Tulsa,” Caldwell says. “I have a background in fashion (retail), and my degree is in business management, so that’s where the idea for the boutique started.”

Caldwell hopes more businesses like hers will open in north Tulsa, bringing jobs and opportunity to residents. “Black Wall Street and the Greenwood District were my primary inspirations,” she says. “To hear the stories of what once was and what isn’t anymore is just heartbreaking for me because I was born and raised in Tulsa. Being inspired by the people who came before me is really what even pushed me to make the sacrifice to begin with.”

Located at 1717 N. Peoria Ave., Suite 12,  Caldwell’s shop offers a variety of women’s contemporary clothing and accessories. Over her nearly five years as a business owner, Caldwell has seen the typical ebbs and flows of a small business, but nothing quite compares to running a clothing store in a global pandemic.

“The majority of my business is done online now,” Caldwell says. In addition to store pickup and delivery, Caldwell offers customers a curbside option. 

Prior to the pandemic, Caldwell’s shop hosted an array of private events such as birthday parties and showers — dubbed sip and shops. “I have customers that have had birthday parties after hours here every year since I’ve opened, and last year was the first year we didn’t get to do any of that. So we really took a hit,” she says. Caldwell hopes to host events in the future but feels an obligation to her customers to hold off until it is completely safe.

Bravo Doors


Lessie and Johnny Simon

Countless businesses have suffered major losses during the COVID-19 pandemic while some industries are booming. According the latest U.S. Census Bureau report, home improvement businesses saw a year-over-year increase of 22.6% in sales. Lessie and Johnny Simon opened their garage door sales, service and repair businesses in February 2019, and they have noticed an increase in sales during their short time as entrepreneurs. “A lot of times we put things off because we don’t have the time, but when the world shuts down there’s all the time to work on home projects,” Lessie says. 

After gaining experience within the garage door industry, Johnny made the decision to break off on his own. “I worked for my uncle off and on and it felt like there was a market for us as far as our customer service,” says Johnny, a Booker T. graduate who has lived in the same north Tulsa home his entire life. He takes pride in knowing his 11-year-old daughter attends the same elementary school he did. 

Other than wearing a mask, Johnny has not been forced to make too many adjustments because his work is already socially distanced. Co-owner and spouse Lessie handles all the office work, outreach and marketing of the business. While she is still able to network virtually, she noticed a difference in how her side of the business operates. “As far as the way I move, there has definitely been some changes,” she says. “I’m used to meeting with people in a group setting. There are still network marketing groups that I do, but it’s not as beneficial as when you’re face-to-face.” 

Lessie and Johnny hope their entrepreneurial success will inspire others to make similar leaps. “I look at it as a motivation for the community; if you know your neighbor owns a business and it is profitable, you’re more likely to raise your standard of living,” Lessie says.

Poppi’s Spa and Lounge


TJ Woodberry

With stress at an all-time high amid the pandemic, Poppi’s Spa and Lounge is here to service your self-care needs. The inspiration to open the spa originated from owner and entrepreneur TJ Woodberry’s personal desire to enhance her personal care habits. “Poppi’s started as a passion project for me after I had sold my previous business and really started working on my own self-care journey,” Woodberry says. “I’m a restless person, so I started working on this project because I thought what Tulsa needs is a really amazing, safe place for people to gather, center and focus on self.” Poppi’s opened for business in August 2019.

Located in the Blue Dome District at 302 S. Frankfort Ave., Suite C, Poppi’s Spa and Lounge is divided into two spaces: the lounge side and the spa side. The lounge offers customers treatments in the color therapy pod, the infrared sauna or the salt room. “It is really great for your respiratory system (and) for your skin,” she says of the room literally covered in salt. “Color therapy is a really great treatment for anxiety, for subtle mood issues; it’s a really great calming space.” Color therapy is done in a semi-enclosed space and delivers different colored lights which affect different moods. The dry, infrared sauna is good for detoxification and muscle aches.

The spa offers services in waxing, facials, massages and body treatments, with an option to purchase a spa package with various services. For Woodberry and her dozen employees, adapting to business during COVID-19 has been a challenge considering they offer high-contact services, but they have managed to adapt in creative ways to ensure the safety of their customer base. “When summer hit, one thing we did that was really awesome and unique for us was we took our services outside,” Woodberry says. “We have a patio, and we enclosed it using some impermanent enclosures and were doing massages and facials on the patio. It was nice, everyone really loved it, so we’ll probably bring that back this summer. COVID or not, it was fun.” 

Woodberry is grateful for the continued support she has been shown from the community and sees the value in offering residents curated business guides. “That’s a great way for people to be more intentional with their spending,” she says. “Rather than going to a big-box spa or a chain, they could go somewhere that’s not just Black-owned, but locally owned, woman owned.” Woodberry has increased safety protocols throughout the pandemic and has been able to host small events such as birthday parties, bridal showers, baby showers and hosted a “Galentine’s” event in February.


2021 Black-owned business guide


UPDATED: Oct. 4, 2021

This guide has been compiled through personal research as well as online at tulsago.com, tulsabobn.com, bwboamerica.com/tulsa and whownetwork.org. Email contactus@langdonpublishing.com to make any suggested additions.




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Tulsa Dream Center

200 W. 46th St. N. | 918-430-9984 | tulsadreamcenter.com

Tulsa Window Tinting and Graphics

Locations in Tulsa, Owasso, Broken Arrow, Jenks, Bixby, Sapulpa and Sand Springs | 918-889-9477 | tulsawindowfilms.com

Utopia Plastix

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Women Helping Other Women

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Beads Please LLC

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Prerolled Co.


Purple Rain Collections

782 E. Pine St., Suite B | 918-928-2613 | linktr.ee/purpleraincollections

Queen Kisses

1400 W. Princeton Court, Broken Arrow | 918-406-5875 | myqueenkisses.com

Ralph’s Menswear

736 E. 36th St. N. | 918-425-3933

She-PHIT Athletics

918-973-7448 | she-phit.com

Silhouette Sneakers and Art

10 N. Greenwood Ave., Suite C | 918-732-9166 | silhouettetulsa.com

Simply Rooted Wellness

1312 S. Garnett Road, Suite C | 918-947-9832 | simplyrooted-wellness.com

SistaDos Salon and Fine Grooming

6614 S. Memorial Drive, Suite 29 | 918-346-8397 | facebook.com/sistadosalonfinegromming

SpeakOut Wear

918-808-3120 | speakoutwear.com

Style by Lisa J

405-633-1693 | facebook.com/lisajbrands

Styled by Maia Treleaven


The Stylish Agency

629 W. First St., Suite 5 | 405-633-1693 | thestylishagency.com

Sultana Steam

1441 S. Carson Ave. | sultanasteam.com

Sun People Yoga

8250 E. 41st St. | sunpeopleyoga.com

Tai B. Beauty and Makeup Artistry


Tee’s Barber Shop

120 N. Greenwood Ave. | 918-584-1189 | tees-barber-shop.edan.io

Total Family Wellness

3336 E. 32nd St., Suite 107 | 918-398-3586 | tfwok.com

T-Town Essence



tulsafit918.com | @tulsafit918

The Twisted Sistar Designs

918-928-9781 | facebook.com/1Sistar

Twisted & Loc'd


UWS Alterations and Design

205 E. Pine St., Suite 16 | 918-382-1766 | unitedwestandok.com

Virtuous Jewels

5840 S. Memorial Drive | 918-850-2108 | shopvirtuousjewels.com

Vivid Salon LLC

@vivid_clarece | clarecestyles@gmail.com

Whole Healthy Living

918-960-0392 | wholehealthylivingwhl.org

The XclusiV Body Suit Health and Holistic

5930 E. 31st St., Suite 175 | 918-986-4627 | getsuitedxv.com

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