Exchange of experience

Tonight through Saturday, The Bell House presents EXCHANGE Choreography Festival, which features dance performances, workshops, and networking events.

At their core, the arts are a means of communication. Art connects people by sharing ideas and experiences. The Bell House believes, “it is the connective power of people that makes art worth engaging,” which is why Bell House Executive Director Rachel Johnson, created the EXCHANGE Choreography Festival.

“My deepest desire is that EXCHANGE serves the existing and growing dance community in professional development and in the very special ways that art can enhance human thriving,” said Johnson.

“EXCHANGE” has brought many master dance classes and educational opportunities to the community—including guest choreographers in hopes of generating new and emerging dancers. This year internationally celebrated Susan Rethorst will be the Featured Artist Educator, and will teach her signature method of choreographic Wrecking for the festival’s eighth season.

“The idea that fuels the EXCHANGE Festival,” said Johnson, “is to create space for that population of artists to create a community of interchange in the realm of ideas, processes, and the people themselves.”

The festival is geared toward up-and-coming choreographers, but Johnson hopes the audience find it “stimulating” to see how dance is created in its most raw form.

There will be a Gala Performance at 6pm on Saturday, August 27th, held at Tulsa Ballet’s Studio K. Tickets will be $20 or $15 for students. The 2016 EXCHANGE festival will be held Thursday-Saturday, August 25-27. Tickets and passes for scheduled events can be bought by calling (800)-838-3006 or by clicking here.

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