Nov 16, 2011
11:45 AM

Movies: The saga continues

Movies: The saga continues

I never saw “Twilight” in theaters. A movie about a girl who falls in love with a vampire, and … wait … did you say he sparkles in sunlight? What?

I’m from the school of butt-kicking “Buffy the Vampire Slayer” – vamps are bad – unless they are a conscience-bearing Angel or a chip-implanted Spike. Oh, and one more thing, vampires don’t sparkle.

But then came a weekend a few years ago on a trip to Blockbuster where I spotted “Twilight” in the five for $20 bin. I thought, heck, might as well. There was a lot of grief on the car ride home from my husband. Let’s just say, he’s not a fan. I tried to sell him on the fact it starred that girl from “Into the Wild,” who befriends Emile Hirsch’s character at Slab City. That didn’t do it either.

I must say, after watching “Twilight” and its real-life couple play out their human/vampire relationship on screen I was hooked. I’ve now read the books and seen the other two movies in the theaters opening weekend. You better believe I’ll be there this time around, too.

I don’t know what hooked me. Was it Edward and his gentlemanly ways? Was it Jacob’s perfect smile? I’ll tell you one thing – it wasn’t that awful hairpiece he wore in the first movie. Ick.

Maybe it was the fact that it let me escape my reality for a few hours at a time – enveloping me in teen angst I hadn’t felt since high school.

This weekend Twihards of all ages – yeah, I’m talking to you – will hit the theaters to watch “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part I”. I must say it would be fun to go to one of those midnight screenings. If you haven’t gotten your tickets to one of those already, good luck. It would also be fun to catch a “Twilight” marathon like the Cinemark theaters in Tulsa, Broken Arrow and Sand Springs are hosting Thursday. For more information on that click here.

There are some benefits to skipping opening weekend though - there tends to be a little less high-pitch screaming when Edward or Jacob hit the screen.

If you are a nerd like moi, I’m sure you’ve taken at least one “Twilight” quiz during this promotional hoopla surrounding the film’s release. Recently the editors of Popsugar quizzed self-proclaimed “Twilight” fanatic and stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe. Turns out, she’s into more than just fashion.

From the shadows rises a documentary on films

There’s plenty “Best of” lists when it comes to films.

“These Amazing Shadows,” a new documentary premiering this week at Circle Cinema, sheds some light on the National Film Registry and films that have been deemed “culturally, historically or aesthetically significant” by the Library of Congress. The Registry’s list of 550 movies includes all genres – from documentaries and Hollywood classics, to home movies and newsreels.

Some big names are interviewed in this piece, including directors Christopher Nolan, Rob Reiner and John Waters; stars Debbie Reynolds, Peter Coyote and Tim Roth; film critic Leonard Maltin and Librarian of Congress Dr. James H. Billington.

For showtimes visit

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