Mar 6, 2014
12:14 PM

Opening up

Opening up

Album // There are many steps in the process of design. For many designers, drawing is important to quickly get ideas from their heads into the physical world. Album is a collection of drawings by French design team, and brothers, Ronan & Erwan Bouroulec. The exhibition shows that these drawings are works of art on their own, as well as being an early step in something bigger. 3/2-5/11, Philbrook Museum of Art, 2727 S Rockford Rd., 918-749-7941,

Dwelling Spaces // Formerly an art teacher in Tulsa and Japan, Linda Stilley’s work is influenced by her extensive travels to Australia, New Zealand, South and Central America, South Africa, Jordan, Dubai, Egypt, and Croatia. Her most recent trip to northern Spain and southern France with National Geographic included exploring caves where she was inspired by the art of primitive man. That influence is seen in the texture, layers, and colors of her most recent work. 3/6-27, PAC Gallery, Tulsa Performing Arts Center, 110 E 2nd St., 918-596-7122,

Escape from FatCity (Am I Still Here?) // The works of Joe Staskal. Opens 3/6, Dennis R. Neill Equality Center, 621 E 4th St., 918-743-4297,

Dream/Reality // A great deal of contrast is shown in this exhibition by two photographers, and not just within the photographs themselves, but between them as well. The dream-like, surreal imagery of S. Brooke Golightly’s work is juxtaposed against the harsh, textured reality of Western Doughty’s. Even the subjects of each of the artists’ pieces are contrasting, as Golightly’s are mostly self-portraits, while Doughty’s are portraits of the many characters he met while living in a Route 66 motel. 3/7-29, TAC Gallery, 9 E M.B. Brady St., 918-720-0456,